Eternal Press/Caliburn Press (ages 18+)

The Heir
A modern romantic thriller.

Sarah is desperate to find a job that will pay her ailing mother’s escalating medical bills. Calvin Anderson is a ruthless business man eager to find a woman to bear the legitimate heir to his fortune. Marcus is the nephew who is desperate to get out of his uncle's evil clutches. As three lives collide, a murderous secret is destined to be revealed. Will their decisions drive all of them to the brink of disaster?

I am a wealthy man and I have connections in more places than you could possibly fathom,” Calvin mused. “I would prefer a willing employee, though. The compensation I am prepared to offer is more than you or your mother could spend in two lifetimes. I would ensure she has the best of care, and so would you.”

Sarah was astounded at the fact he was actually offering this “job” to her, and more shocked that he would assume she’d take whatever he was offering. Curiosity overtook reason and she had to find out just how much money Calvin was willing to offer. She had to know if there was a price she would not refuse. Her insides felt like jelly as Sarah realized he was right in assuming she'd think of her mother’s needs above all other considerations.

Killer Queen and Killer Queen - The Hunted
My very first Vampire series published in both paperback and ebook format
by Eternal Press

A modern vampire thriller brimming with lust, betrayal, greed and vengeance.

Silver Devries is a five hundred year old Vampire Queen who, out of betrayal and vengeance, becomes a Vampire Hunter. She must search for a rogue female vampire who threatens the very existence of the vampire clans. Silver’s greatest allies become those who should fear her the most…mortals. Fear, hope and unexpected love are the ties that bind vampire and human together as they fight to save both of their worlds from imminent destruction.

The vampire hunter becomes the hunted...
Silver Devries was once a powerful Vampire Queen; now she has become a vampire hunter.
Her task: to hunt down a band of rogue vampires before they breed themselves, and humanity, out of extinction.
When she comes face to face with her nemesis, Father Drake, a priest she watched murdered during the Inquisitions, Silver finds that Father Drake is no longer a man of god but the servant of a vicious and ancient vampire.
Can Silver trust Drake when he offers his help or will they both lose their lives in the midst of a vampire war?

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