Self Published (faerie tales YA to ages 18+)

Welcome to my ebooks! Here you will find various tales about
international faeries; and Irish folklore. Enjoy!


Fae is a deliciously wicked and enchanting faerie story. A great read for adults young and old who love celtic mythology and legend with a modern twist! My very first attempt at a modern faerie story. I'm blessed to say it has been well received. Thank you to my small but loyal group of readers.

The veil between the human and faerie world is torn. Can a family with strong Celtic roots be the key to help save the faerie realm and its Queen or will a family tragedy tear them all apart?
Morgaine McCullogh is a daughter, mother and widow determined to revel in the loss and anguish caused by the sudden death of her police officer husband. She struggles to keep any faith in the world while trying to raise her young daughter, Pegeen.
Margaret Mae is the family matriarch. A fiercely determined woman loyal to her Celtic heritage and her family. Will her belief in the old ways drive a wedge between she and her daughter or will a forgotten family secret bring them closer together and help save a world once though lost in mythology and legend?
Footprints in The Snow is a story about loss, courage and renewal for both the McCullough family and the faerie realm.
Is faerie magic real? Only you can judge!

"The Snow Maiden" is a short story loosely on the Japanese fairy tale about
Yuki-Onna (The Snow Witch).
Despite her beauty, the Yuki-onna has deadly intentions. She bewitches with
her looks and quickly kills her male victims with nothing more than an icy kiss;
draining them of their soul.
One man lives to tell the tale of his experience with Yuki-Onna and one man must
come to grips with the truth behind his birth and the death of his beloved mother.
Will the truth be too much for both to bear?

h.mcalendin all rights reserved 2017