Self Published (ages 18+)

I hope you enjoy some of my self published works .
Here you will find various genres such as adult fiction; fantasy and erotica. 


In surviving the aftermath of her sister's sudden and violent death, Connie Weiler is forced from the safety of her home and family by provocative and disturbing dreams. Through these dreams a mysterious and ancient evil reveals itself to her. Connie must reach beyond her understanding of the natural world, renew her faith and go beyond her own reality to discover her wildest dreams come true.

Nicholas? Are you here? Please talk to me; I'm frightened.”

I am here my love.”

Connie spun around to see Nickolas DeWulff dressed in a dark, charcoal coloured uniform. A red and white cross was emblazoned on the left sleeve of his jacket. Quickly, she ran to him and wrapped herself in his embrace. They stood together for a brief moment before Nicholas tore himself away from her.

There is not much time Constance. I am not able to stay in your subconscious for very long. You are close to what you need to help me and your family.” Ebook

Harmony's life has been shattered by years of systematic mental and physical abuse. When she finally has the courage to change her life she feels lost, alone and afraid. Will a chance encounter with an angelic messenger change her life forever or was it all a desperate dream?
"Harmony watched, dumbstruck as the shadow grew into that of a human form. She clutched the towel tightly around her but was unable to move. The shadow lengthened until it was almost recognizable as a tall, willowy looking creature dressed in a blood red shift, belted at the waist with a simple, gold colored cord. A wave of dark auburn curls tumbled around the creatures shoulders and when it finally opened it's eyes, they were shiny and black as coal. " Ebook

Sweet Stuff”

Antonia and Charles are a typical, middle aged couple who run a successful bakery. As they head toward retirement, each has resorted to having personal fantasies about sexy, young employees in order to hide the disappointment they feel regarding their own diminishing sex lives. Can Antonia and Charles share their innermost fantasies with one other to fan the flames of desire or will their secret dreams tear them apart?

Yes, Sir!”

Todd Nelson is a handsome, retired financial advisor. His hopes and dreams of a retirement filled with travel and excitement die when his beloved wife of many years is killed by a drunk driver. Celibate and alone for over two years, Todd decides that grief has taken too much of a toll in his life. When he meets Lisa, a sexy, young barista working toward her teaching degree he is frightened and unsure by the intense, sexual attraction he feels toward her. Can Todd get over the age difference between them and take a chance on living and perhaps even loving again?


Born damned into an 18th century Gypsy caravan, Nicholea De Wulff is ritualistically abused and scorned by his biological father. Torn between hatred and fear he begins to feel the pull of an other worldly power; a voice that invades his mind and his dreams. It is the voice of unspeakable evil; a voice of great power and seduction; a voice that will doom Nicholea's eternal soul.

The Miu are an ancient and noble race of shifting felines once likened to Gods and Godesses. The
supposed "Children of Gaiea"
They are now dealing with a very modern virus that threatens their very existence.
Can they rely on the help of human beings to help them? Or will trust in humanity destroy them all?

We can't have lived so many centuries and survived so much to disappear! I won't allow my child or my people to die this way! Goddess help me... help us. Tryphaenea cried out to the heavens in hopes for an answer. The sound of the evening breeze rustling a few leaves was the only response. I'm tired. I can't lead anymore. The world is just a different place now. The Matriarch's thoughts were frantic and scattered as she tried to make sense of it all. Her beloved daughter was dying as were many others.

Desiree is a tall, voluptuous, redhead with a penchant for riding crops and handcuffs. As a highly paid Dominatrix she has wealth and power. What she doesn't have is love. When she finds the remains of a washed up boat on her beach and an injured, dark, brooding stranger with a dangerous past aboard, Desiree must decide what is more important, her life or her heart?

A fiercely independent,sexy lawyer has her world turned upside down when she meets a man that she MUST relinquish all control too.
With a flick of the wrist, Bradley took a long, pale pink scarf and raised it to Valentine's face, stroking it with the coloured silk. “Don't be afraid.”
Without another word, Bradley wrapped the scarf around Valentine's eyes, making the already dim room invisible to her.
“Please,” she began.
“Shh, my beauty. Trust me. Breathe and trust me. I will not hurt you.”

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